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Pensinasia - Fine Writing Instruments
Pensinasia is a collection of more than a decade of pens, fine writing instruments, and limited edition collectables. Over the past years, I have painstakingly detailed and photographed each pen I have owned, recording down every minute detail within this website. If you are a pen lover like me, you will find Pensinasia to be your definite source of knowledge to fountain pens.

Sailor Limited Edition King of Pens (KOP) Japanese Wolf in the Moonlight Maki-e Fountain Pen

Dobutsu to Gekkou [Animals in the Moonlight]

The Moon has multitude of influences on Life on Earth and Wildlife has adapted to its many effects.
Moonlight itself has always fascinated humankind and its special artistic impressions have been well documented over time.
In Japanese folklore, some Ookami was believed that they walked with a girl through a forest at night until she arrives at home without doing her any harm.
Nihon Ookami is considered to be extinct in the early 1900s.

Sailor Pen is pleased to announce a new series of special Limited Edition Maki-e Fountain Pens entitled "Animals in the Moonlight" or "Dobutsu to Gekkou"
The second model in the series by artist Ikki Moroike is titled "Japanese Wolf in the Moonlight" or "Nihon Ookami to Gekkou". Only 50 pieces made worldwide.

KAGA Maki-e Artist, Ikki Moroike

Mr Ikki Moroike was born in 1962 in Ishikawa prefecture in Japan. After graduating from high school in 1980, he served his apprenticeship with Mr Ikkou Kiyose a famous Maki-e artist, living in Kanazawa.

He completed his time with Mr Kiyose in 1986 and started his own business in Kaga City in Ishikawa prefecture. He joined the Exhibition of Kanazawa Lacquer Arts and Crafts from 1986 and he won the top honor three times.
He joined the Exhibition of Yamanaka Lacquer Art Craft Maki-e and his five crafts were selected for lifetime awards in Kaga City. Two of his crafts were also selected to be lifetime awards in Yamanaka Town in Ishikawa prefecture.
He has been awarded the top honor four timess so far from the Exhibition of Yamanaka Lacquer Art Craft Maki-e. His craft was selected at the Exhibition of Japanese Traditional Lacquer Art Craft for the first time in 1988.
In 1994, his craft was exhibited at the Exhibition of Japanese Traditional Lacquer Art Craft and bought by the Imperial Household Agency. His craft was selected at the Exhibition of Japanese Traditional Art Craft for the first time in 1996
and he was embraced as a regular member of the Japanese Art Crafts Association in 1999.


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