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We are 13 hours ahead of New York
Pensinasia - Fine Writing Instruments
Pensinasia is a collection of more than a decade of pens, fine writing instruments, and limited edition collectables. Over the past years, I have painstakingly detailed and photographed each pen I have owned, recording down every minute detail within this website. If you are a pen lover like me, you will find Pensinasia to be your definite source of knowledge to fountain pens.

Buying Procedures

As most of the pens are very limited, please write to me to check for the availability of the pens. I will physically check the stock for you and I will reply to you to confirm the availability.

Thank you for your surfing our web-site. Shipping is estimated to be in the region of US$20-US$40. I accept a few types of payment..

  1. USA Bank Transfer & Check
    For USA customers only: I have a bank account with Citibank in Los Angeles, USA . If you are in USA, this is the best & cheapest option for you. You can quick deposit or post your personal check into any Citibank bank within USA.

    Upon clearance, I will ship the parcel from Singapore. You can also wire it directly into my Citibank in USA.

  2. Bank Drafts, Cashier's Order & Money Order
    I accept bank draft, cashier order or money order (USPS postal order is not accepted because they cannot be negotiated outside USA, otherwise all other banks are OK). No personal check. You can get the bank draft, cashier order or money order from any financial institutions.

    Basically just treat me as if I am also from USA.

    My bank has the facility to clear your US$ check in Singapore. If you choose this mode of payment, I will let you know the details.

  3. Credit Cards
    I also accept credit card (Master or Visa) but a surcharge of 5% will be imposed since the clearing bank charges me 5% for every transaction. I did not factor the 5% in my price as many customers would prefer to pay by the simple and cheap method of using the money order or bank draft. In any case, my clearing company is WorldPay (http://www.worldpay.com) . For credit card transaction, I need the following from you which are needed by my clearing company WorldPay;
    • your credit card number,
    • name as in the card,
    • expiry date,
    • security number

      For Master & Visa – the security number is the last 3 digit number after your 16 digit credit card number. Can be found behind the credit card)

    • your billing address. The billing and delivery address must be the same otherwise, the clearing company will not proceed with the transaction.
    • your ID or driving license by fax (for them to verify)
    You must fax the above details to me at +65-62356788 and write a short note that you allow me to transact using your card. Remember to sign off with the same signature as in your card. Rest assured that all your details are for credit card transaction only and will never be released to a third party other than WorldPay.

    Please remember that this is only an option for those who wish to pay by credit card. I understand the 5% extra charges might be too high for you.

    Therefore it is always good and cheap to use option (a) by personal check into my USA account or option (b) by money order or bank draft.

  4. Paypal
    Paypal fine with me too if you are,
    1. a verified user of Paypal,
    2. your delivery address is confirmed by Paypal because I can only ship to a confirmed address,
    3. pay extra 5%.

    Paypal is charging international sellers higher than sellers in US. All in all, I have to pay Paypal about 7.5 % inclusive of some "hidden" charges. Paypal uses a very conservative exchange rate and I will loose about 3% from exchange rate alone. In any case, if you wish to use Paypal, I ask for 5% only.

    You can visit them at http://www.paypal.com.

    Account in Paypal: castle98@pensinasia.com

  5. Direct Wire Transfer
    If you want to pay by wire directly into my Singapore bank account, I can also give you my bank account number.