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Pensinasia - Fine Writing Instruments
Pensinasia is a collection of more than a decade of pens, fine writing instruments, and limited edition collectables. Over the past years, I have painstakingly detailed and photographed each pen I have owned, recording down every minute detail within this website. If you are a pen lover like me, you will find Pensinasia to be your definite source of knowledge to fountain pens.

Sailor Kaga Maki-e Longtailed Bird (Onagadori) Fountain Pen

Onagadori – Long tail Bird
The Onaga-dori was worshiped as Hou-ou (the Phoenix), which has come to represent spiritual concept for ‘Peace’ in ancient China, and it was introduced into Japan in the Heian period with some changes. During the Heian period, the Onaga- Dori was regarded as a ‘reality’ creature and its design was used extensively on the cloth of Japanese Kimono in the aristocratic society.
The design is hand decorated in traditional Japanese MAKI-E techniques by famous MAKI-E artist Mr. Isshu Tamura.

Maki-e is an ancient Japanese art that combines intricate lacquer painting with a variety of surface decorations. These traditionally include powered gold, precious metals, gemstones, mother of pearl or abalone shell. This 1200-year-old art form was created to embody the harmony of man with nature. These is very traditional techniques can only be applied by truly experienced Japanese craftsman who have historical family skills and pride such traditional art forms and true craftsmanship. Sailor proudly delivers the Long tail Bird in precious Ebony Wood Known as Onagadori (Bird of Paradise), or honorable fowl, the likeness of this unique bird adorned the ceremonial dress of the Shoguns palace guards know for their ferocity and strength in battle, this proud bird displays his golden plumage and ornate markings for all to see.

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