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Pensinasia - Fine Writing Instruments
Pensinasia is a collection of more than a decade of pens, fine writing instruments, and limited edition collectables. Over the past years, I have painstakingly detailed and photographed each pen I have owned, recording down every minute detail within this website. If you are a pen lover like me, you will find Pensinasia to be your definite source of knowledge to fountain pens.

Sheaffer Legacy 864 Sandblasted Platinum Gold Trim Fountain Pen

Sheaffer Legacy 2 - Timeless Elegance

The Legacy 2 collection was introduced in three ranges, the Traditions, Perspectives and Trendsetters. Sheaffer Legacy 864 Sandblasted Platinum Gold Trim Fountain Pen - Made in USA. Sandblasted platinum plated cap and barrel with gold electroplated trim, fitted with a solid 18ct gold nib. Was part of the Sheaffer Legacy 2 -Trendsetters range. Years of production is between 1999 to 2002. This model has been discontinued. Made is USA model. For your information, the factory in USA has been closed. Thus these were one of the last few models from the USA factory. The "USA" hallmark can be seen on the cap's band. It certainly makes it even more collectible and sought after in the years to come. This is an new old stock. Brand new, not dipped and not used. Complete with box and papers.

For those who combine timeless elegance and modern day style. Its distinct wide profile and signature Sheaffer design evoke a sense of true luxury. Harken back to the days when details made a difference as your fingers glide over every precise design element. Have a writing companion as distinct as you are that exudes quality, craftsmanship and prestige. Make your pen undeniably yours by choosing from a fountain pen, roller ball or ballpoint mode.

The Legacy body is fitted with the Sheaffer legendary inlaid nib in 18K solid gold which is the ultimate example of Sheaffer's distinctive hand-finished excellence. Master craftsmen die cut the inlaid nibs using the most precise processes. Individual nibs are hand-inspected, burnished and expertly calibrated to ensure perfection. The nib is in turn fitted with a unique 23K gold electroplated convertor. The cap’s live action clip has an inner spring for an adjustable yet consistently firm grip. The making of each Legacy fountain pen required over 300 production steps, many of these by hand, all of which were carried out entirely at the Fort Madison production facility in USA.

The range comes in a variety of finishes to suit every taste - from an array of distinctive finishes ranging from engraved sterling silver to sandblasted gold plate to contemporary glossy black.

The new design with rounded ends to the caps and the barrels, gave a sleek and sophisticated look. The barrel was lengthened for improved writing comfort and easier filling, the nib units were fitted with a solid friction ring and retained the same unique touchdown filling system. Its unique filling system allows the user, the tradition of a touchdown filling system, while having the convenience of loading with an ink cartridge.

With its wide-bodied barrel tapering to an elegant rounded tip, the Sheaffer Legacy Collection is the natural choice for those who prefer a wide-profile writing instrument. Each pen is finished in accordance to Sheaffer's high quality standards. Comes with box and papers with converter and cartridges.


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